This item has been retired. Please see What's new for more information.


Information Lookup is an ArcGIS Online configurable application template used to provide information for a location or feature. The location or feature is used to lookup features in one or more layers and all information is returned in a single pop-up. If no intersecting features are found, a general message is displayed.

  • Combines all the pop ups from the results into a single pop up.
  • Pop up can be presented on the map or on a side panel.
  • Add a prefix and/or suffix to the combined pop up with information about the searching feature or location.
  • Present a pop up when the application loads when specifying a url parameter to locate a feature.
  • Search for a feature using the search box and show a pop up for the result.
  • Store the search location in a layer to track where users are clicking or searching in the application.
  • Designed to be embedded or used as a stand-alone application.


Information Lookup requires specific technical experience and software.

Requirement Description
  • ArcGIS Online, Portal for ArcGIS, or ArcGIS Enterprise
Browser compatibility

What you get

The Information Lookup application can be configured in ArcGIS Online without downloading the application files. However, if you want to host the application on your own server or do additional configuration, the application files are available to download from GitHub.

What's new

Below are the release dates and notes for Information Lookup.

Date Description
November 2020
    Information Lookup has been retired
December 2017
  • A resolution to an issue in which when using a mobile device the pop-up would block the search bar and open off the device screen.
  • A new configuration parameter to specify if pop-ups are centered when using a mobile device.
September 2017
  • An enhancement to the configuration panel to set the search tolerance for a map click or location search.
  • An enhancement to the configuration panel to set a maximum distance a point is considered in the search results from the map click or a location search.
  • A resolution to a bug in which if a point layer was defined for a lookup layer, the map click would not select the point and present the popup.
  • A resolution to a bug in which the clicking on a feature without a pop up would cause the loading indicator to be displayed continuously.
  • A enhancement to show the loading indicator until the data is loaded to ensure the pop up from all intersecting features are displayed.
  • A resolution to a bug in which Arcade expressions where not supported in the pop up. (BUG-000106290)
  • A resolution to a bug in which the value of a coded value was displayed for Map Server Feature Layers. (BUG-000105792)
March 2017
  • A resolution to a bug in which Email and Link option did not apply to the pop-up on the side panel. For backwards compatibility, a new option (Email and Link option on the side panel pop-up) was added to the configuration to control the visibility of these controls. (BUG-000100415)
  • A resolution to a bug in which the coded value was displayed instead of the description of the domain in the pop-up. (BUG-000100908)
  • An enhancement to limit the results to features whose overlap is greater than the minimum size specified. (Issue 48)
  • An enhancement to restrict the results to only the searched for feature if that layer is specified in the lookup layers. For example, if you selected a parcel layer as the Search By Layer, and you entered a parcel ID in the search box, even if this parcel intersects other parcels, only the parcel with a matching ID and intersecting features configured layers will be returned in the pop up. (Issue 48)
June 2016
  • A resolution to a bug in which the pop up fails to load when a layer has relationships
  • A resolution to a bug in show the pop up on the side panel fails to do so unless the option Show a title bar is also turned on (BUG-000094332)
October 2015
  • Locale URL parameter added to change the language of the app
  • An update to the loading icon
  • Additional configuration parameter exposed to change the size of the splash screen
  • Additional configuration parameter exposed to turn off the basemap
  • Redesign of the top bar and side bar for better display on devices
  • An enhancement to include a scroll bar for splash screen (ENH-000090466)
  • Resolution to a bug where attribute values that contains spaces always returns "space" in the next line of a pop-up window (BUG-000090525)
September 2015
  • Support for custom URL parameters
  • Support for point, line, and polygon lookup layers
  • Support for Search By Layer. For example, inside of the mouse click used to find results in the layers, the location or search finds a record in the search layer, say a parcel, and uses that parcel to do the look up
  • Enhancement to the configuration panel to include a new layer selector and locator configuration options
  • Enhancement to share location using the email and link buttons in the pop-up
  • Enhancement to present multiple features from the lookup layer if multiple features are present (GitHub #18)
  • Enhancement to add text before and after the resulting pop-up. This further text can be configured using the following:
    • To include the XY coordinates of the location, use {IL_XCOORD} and {IL_YCOORD}
    • To include the latitude and longitude, use {IL_LAT} and {IL_LONG}
    • To include the count of features from a lookup layer, use {<LayerName>}
    • To include the pop-up from the search by layer, use {IL_SEARCHBY}
    • To include a field from the search by layer, use {<Field Name>}
  • Interface updates to include a title bar. When enabled, the title bar's title, icon, color, and text themes can be configured
  • Interface updates to optionally show the pop-up in a side panel when title bar is enabled
  • A resolution to a bug causing linked images to display incorrectly in the pop-up (BUG-000089080)
  • A resolution to a bug causing the pop-up to not be properly formatted if a field was defined as a link (GitHub #19)
  • A resolution to a bug causing the pop-up to appear underneath the search and basemap buttons when maximized (GitHub #21)
February 2015
  • Search control uses new search dijit and allows for point layer searches defined in the map
  • Basemap button is now optional and set in the configuration of the application
  • Resolved issue when map's coordinate system is not Web Mercator
December 2014
  • Updated to use version 3.12 of the ArcGIS API for JavaScript
September 2014
  • Error handling for layers without pop-ups
  • Updated to use the 3.11 JavaScript API
  • A series of bug fixes
July 2014
  • Basemap button added
  • Option to include a splash screen when the application loads
  • Updated to use the 3.10 JavaScript API
  • A series of bug fixes

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