Local Government Information Model

ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government is based on a harmonized information model of GIS datasets, web services, and maps commonly referred to as the Local Government Information Model. It includes a series of essential foundation layers and operational information that supports a range of key maps and apps within a local government.

The information model's design reflects specific application requirements and the cartographic design elements necessary to produce rich, multiscale basemaps and operational layers. You can configure the information model to support specific business needs in your organization by selecting and implementing specific themes that are part of this integrated information model, or by adding fields and modifying field and layer aliases to reflect terms more widely used in your organization.

As you implement ArcGIS Solutions for Local Government and the Local Government Information Model in your organization, it will bring operations to life for your staff and citizens you serve. It will also connect silos of information in your organization and integrate processes across typical government departments.

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